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19th Nigeria International Oil and Natural Gas Equipment Trade Exhibition

Name of Exhibition: 19th Nigeria International Oil and Natural Gas Equipment Trade Exhibition

Exhibition time: July 2-4, 2019 (once a year)

Exhibition venue: Abuja, Nigeria

Exhibition area: 13,000 m2;

1. Introduction to the exhibition:

The exhibition, sponsored by CWC Company of the United Kingdom and strongly supported by Nigeria's Ministry of Energy and Nigeria's National Petroleum Corporation, has grown in scale and influence since its inception and has become the largest and most influential oil and gas exhibition ever held in Africa. The exhibition has radiated to Kenya, Algeria, Libya and so on. The major oil-producing countries and regions in North Africa, Nigeria has abundant oil and gas resources and is the largest oil export country in Africa. The Nigerian government's active development policy on oil and gas resources, the sound development of Sino-Nepalese relations, and the recent business visits by Chinese leaders to Nigeria, China will achieve good results in the oil and gas market in Nigeria. The huge development potential of Nepal's oil and gas industry also creates an excellent opportunity for China's oil, gas and petrochemical equipment manufacturers to export to Nigeria market. This professional exhibition is the best platform for Chinese enterprises to enter Nigeria market and tap the potential of cooperation.

Review of Exhibition (2018)

Exhibitors: 252 (from more than 26 countries in the world, 90% of them decide to attend 10 consecutive exhibitions)

Visitors: 9,000 (the exhibition is open only to professional audiences)

3. Scope of exhibits:

Mechanical equipment

1. Oil well, drilling, welding, tank equipment, lifting, hoisting, lifting, heat preservation, refrigeration, ventilation, remote monitoring, maintenance and other equipment

2. Generators, oilers, turbines, turbines, steam turbines, turbines and other machinery

3. Valves, pumps, compressors, fans, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, jacks, boilers, furnaces, pressure vessels, cooling machines, flanges, pipes, hoses and their connecting devices, industrial explosion-proof products, industrial power supply, electric transmission devices and their assemblies, and various supporting equipment and chemical machinery.

Instruments and Apparatuses

1. Transformers, stabilizers, recorders, filters, temperature sensors, measuring instruments, filters, screens, etc.

technical service

1. Survey, mapping, refining, purification, purification, separation, liquefaction, welding, pressure transfer detection, quality detection, pollution control and protection, flow rate control and other technologies.

2. Computer Data Management

3. Oil depot engineering, electrical engineering, engineering consultant

4. Safety, alarm, emergency shutdown, danger control, operation process control, pipeline line protection, fire alarm equipment, industrial safety and labor protection supplies, experiment and simulation systems, etc.


1. All petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas products

2. Drilling Platform, Steel Framework

3. Insulation Material

4. Indicators, etc.