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Canadian Oil Fair 2019 | North America's Largest Oil Fair | Petroleum Equipment Fair

Canadian Oil Fair 2019 | North America's Largest Oil Fair | Petroleum Equipment Fair

Exhibition time: 11-13 June 2019

Exhibition Address: Calgary, Canada

Exhibition sessions: once a year

Overview of the exhibition:

Global Petroleum Show, or GPS Show for short, is the largest professional exhibition in North America's oil and gas industry, and also the world's leading professional exhibition in inland oil. GPS was established in 1968, once a year. For more than 40 years, it has made outstanding contributions to the development of inland oil in Canada and even North America. It is an important trading platform for the oil industry in North America. The exhibition gathers advanced onshore oil equipment and technology enterprises from all over the world, purchasers and suppliers from major oil companies and many well-known companies. It is a comprehensive stage for global oil companies to show new technologies and equipment in the oil and gas industry. It is also an excellent channel for Chinese enterprises to enter the field of onshore oil and gas in North America to explore customers.

Recalling previous sessions:

As the host of GPS, Calgary is the energy heart of Canada. The last Global Petroleum Show 2016 brought together more than 2,000 exhibitors with a net area of 700,000 square feet. It attracted representatives from 84 countries, including Britain, Australia, Mexico, the United States and South Korea. More than 50,000 professional representatives were registered to attend the exhibition. According to the statistics of the organizers, 72% of exhibitors are looking for new products and expanding new business. 82% of exhibitors have *** or joint purchasing rights. 74% of exhibitors have direct influence on purchasing decisions. 43% of exhibitors are technical engineers or senior managers. The above data prove that this is a good platform for finding business opportunities and communicating technology.

At the 2017 GPS Exhibition, 63 excellent Chinese enterprises participated in the exhibition, with a team of 100 people. They gathered leading enterprises in the domestic petroleum industry. The main products on display were widely distributed, including drilling rigs, compressors, sucker rods, pumping valves, fittings, oilfield chemicals, etc.

Market analysis:

Canada's oil industry has a long history, but on the eve of World War II, the annual output of crude oil was only about 1.50 Mt. After the war, crude oil production grew rapidly, exceeding 100 Mt in 1973. Since then, as reserves have not kept pace with the growth, the implementation of resource protection policy, production has declined year by year, 1978 output is only equivalent to 70% of the peak in 1973. After the recovery in the 1980s, the Canadian oil industry began to rebound in 1990, reaching the ranks of the top oil-producing countries with annual crude oil production exceeding 100 Mt. After entering the 21st century, its rising momentum has been increasing, and it has become one of the fast-increasing oil-producing countries in non-OPEC oil-producing countries, attracting investment from all countries. The increase of oil production has led to the increasing demand for related equipment technology and services, which has great market potential.

Business opportunities are unlimited:

GPS is the stage for global suppliers to show new oil and gas industry technologies. It is one of the world's famous oil industry exhibitions. As the host of GPS, Calgary is the energy heart of Canada.


Scope of exhibits:

Mechanical equipment: oil drilling tools, oil well equipment, offshore equipment, offshore platform, welding technology and equipment, separating equipment, oil tank equipment, lifting equipment, lifting equipment, sealing, anticorrosion, insulation, ventilation equipment, lifting equipment, geophysical exploration equipment, remote monitoring equipment, refrigeration equipment, maintenance equipment, turbine, turbine, turbine, impeller, various gold The utility model belongs to pipelines and rubber hoses and their connecting devices, electric transmission devices, assemblies and hydraulic lifters.

Instruments: valves, transformers, temperature sensors, stabilizers, recorders, filters, measuring instruments, gas meters, flanges, etc.

Others: filter, screen, steel structure, safety system, alarm system, operation process control system, pipeline line protection system, experiment and simulation system, danger control system, emergency shutdown system, drilling platform, oil and gas pipeline and its installation, natural gas gathering pipe, insulation material, indicator lamp and indicator equipment, incinerator, jack, water hose fire hydrant Electrical engineering operations, drilling tools, melting furnaces, fire protection devices and fire extinguishing devices, explosion protection devices, well completion, etc.