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“Wuwei”-- Do something by doing nothing. Interview with Wang Feng, General Manager of Zhejiang Changyi Valve Co., Ltd

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In the Tao Te Ching, it is recorded that“If no action is taken,harmony remains”, which is often misunderstood as negative meaning. However, the truth is to achieve “Do something by doing nothing”.

Wang Feng, the general manager of Changyi Valve, strongly agrees with a saying,”For enterprises, it is better not to do inappropriate things; For entrepreneurs, it is important to let their subordinates unleash their talents.”In the early period of enterprise development, he adapt to changes and act accordingly;In the later period of enterprise development, he continuously downplays his personal identity, delegating power downwards.

The Origin of Wuwei 

The origin of Wang Feng's concept of 'Wuwei' is closely related to his own growth experience. 

From the beginning of starting the business to the present, Wang Feng has received the help of many customers, From old customers to new customers, then from the new customers to new customers, one level by one level.All customers help Changyi form a product system.With a long term vision and warm heart, WangFeng treats customers as friends.

This life experience, which received support from multiple aspects, has forged WangFeng's character of positive attitude, making the company stronger.At the same time, it has also formed the concept of Wuwei management, as well as the unique corporate style of customer first and employee centered.These are not slogans, but practical measures and concepts.The entire life experience has made WangFeng's unique temperament of being "still water runs deep, indifferent to fame and fortune".

Furthermore, WangFeng never deliberately pursues fame and fortune. He always does one thing, which is serving users with heart, treating people with sincerity.He has met many customers who are both teachers and friends, which has benefited him throughout lives.His luck comes from his personality and character, and he has gained guidance of many clients and friends on his growth process.

Doing nothing is doing something --The foundation of being humble and upright like a bamboo

Wang Feng has unique insights into enterprise management.He believes doing nothing is doing something. It is important to listening to subordinates' opinions and delegate power and let employees perform their respective duties.The fundamental development of enterprises relies on all employees, and employees' opinions should be valued. The concept of "listening, decentralization, and respect" has always been practiced by Wang Feng.

The first is listening. When holding middle level meetings, WangFeng never expresses personal opinions in advance, but quietly listens to middle level reports on work results and plans.Because he knows that every middle-level cadre is more professional in their own position and their own proposals are more executable.Executability is fundamental to the successful implementation of a plan, and excessive intervention can actually lead to many problems

The second is decentralization.WangFeng stated that as a leader, one must fully trust the abilities of employees and provide them with a platform to fully showcase their talents. WangFeng said that entrepreneurs should not always feel like they are the most powerful, but should have the idea that three people must learn from each other.There is no doubt about employing people, and he personally believes that it will produce better results.

The third is respect.WangFeng is never self righteous or non human, he personally respects everyone's personal choices extremely.He never compares with others in terms of performance, scale, or volume.He said, "Apart from illness, all the pain people feel is brought about by values.Focus on the task at hand and do it well. Don't focus on others and bring too much trouble to yourself.WangFeng shared a small story about a customer who was once taken away by a competitor. He neither complained about the competitor nor the customer, but instead sought to reflect on what he did not do well enough. Then optimize the problem and strive to win back more customers in the future.

The theory of "Do something by doing nothing" management by WangFeng seems to be one of inaction, but it contains great wisdom.WangFeng, a wise man looks stupid showcases the wisdom of life in the management philosophy of "Do something by doing nothing"!

Looking at the blooming flowers in front of the courtroom without being surprised by humiliation or favor.No intention of looking at the clouds rolling in the sky.General Manager Wang's open-minded attitude towards life and "Wuwei" management method are leading Changyi to achieve great strides in development!

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