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Blooper exposed. The brand image film of YOUFUMI Core New Technology leading a quiet world is shooting patiently.

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Recently, the "Core New Technology leading a quiet world" created by PRC Valve Media for the YOUFUMI Group Co, Ltd. has successfully ended.The shooting is an important achievement of the cooperation between YOUFUMI and PRC Valve Media, as well as an opportunity to show the brand culture, product feature, and strength of the group.


YOUFUMI Group Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, design, and manufacturing of various fluorine lined valves, pipelines, containers, and other anti-corrosion series products.Since the establishment, YOUFUMI has been committed to improving product quality, strengthening technological innovation, and optimizing service systems, establishing a good brand image in the field of fluorine lined pipe and valve anti-corrosion equipment.This collaboration with PRC Valve Media conveyed to the public the persistent pursuit of quality service.



This film is indexed by the development history of YOUFUMI in the field of pipe and valves, introducing the achievements of fluorine in the two fields.From the initial exploration to the current large-scale production, YOUFUMI has always adhered to the corporate spirit of "technological innovation, loyalty and integrity" and the quality policy of "century old craftsman, high craftsmanship of YOUFUMI" to meet the needs of customers constantly.


In addition to showing the achievements of pipe and valves, this film also delves into the scientific craftsmanship contained in anti-corrosion.As a company focused on product quality, YOUFUMI has a clear recognition for the importance of anti-corrosion research.Therefore,it has been committed to improving product anti-corrosion performance, strengthening research and innovation in anti-corrosion technology.


This shooting will help to enhance the popularity and influence of YOUFUMI, showing the features of anti-corrosion.Let’s look forward to the final version together!

PRC Valve Media aims to "Helping Valve Enterprises Attain Reputation" and continuously explores new ways of media promotion.With the continuous iteration and updating of the Internet, how to expand the promotion of valve enterprises, how to enhance mutual understanding between enterprises and customers, and how to make domestic product information clear have always been the thinking of PRC Valve Media.

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