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Winning over 100 million bidding-projects in one day! Lianggu Valve Group has successfully won a number of major projects.

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As an excellent industrial valve manufacturer in CHINA·LIANGGU GROUP CO.,LTD has won a reputation in the market with comprehensive technology and high-quality services.

Recently, Lianggu Group successfully won a total of over 104 million bidding projects, including China Gas over 94 million and Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical over 10 million.This is not only a accomplishment of continuous innovation, but also another affirmation of Lianggu Group by the market.



The success of this bidding project not only proves the application and advantages of Lianggu Group in different industries, but also demonstrates the determination and perseverance of each departments in the process of deploying stable growth.


In 2022, Lianggu Valve Group made history, with the whole industry chain sales reached 1.55 billion. In 2023, with the expansion of the group's market, the sales will have a breakthrough.



The development of Lianggong Group relies on its own strength and advantages, as well as a deep understanding and precise satisfaction of customer needs.Through continuous innovation, Lianggong can provide customized valve solutions and professional technical support for customers in different industries.


In the future, Lianggu Valve Group will continue to play an leading role in the field of industrial valves, adhering to first-class standards, quality, and service standards in every project, providing efficient, safe, and intelligent products and services to global customers, bringing vitality into the valve industry market.


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