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Hot air valve

  • Size:DN300~DN1800
    Pressures: PN0.4MPA
    Medium:Hot air,smoke
    End Connection:flange

  • The new generation of blast furnace hot blast furnace system special hot air valve developed by our company has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, long service life, reliable operation, etc. It is the ideal equipment for hot blast furnace system. It has been widely used in hot air, flue, combustion, backflow rest air, mixed air cut and other high temperature pipes in hot phoenix furnace system. The hot air valve produced by our company is divided into high temperature hot air valve and unlined hot air valve. The operating temperature of the hot air valve is less than 1350℃, and the temperature of the hot air valve is less than 1000℃. The valve adopts the welded structure, forced water cooling, and the forced compression sealing, which can meet the special needs of the valve seal when there is no hot air pressure.

    Our company has made great improvements to the water cooling system of hot phoenix valve, and solved the problems such as poor cooling effect. The water flow on the waterway is formed without dead Angle, and the cooling is uniform and reasonable. The sealing surface of the valve seat adopts the circular cooling cavity structure. Valve body cooling no Uchimura hot air valve for two in two out, high fengsheng hot air valve for four in two out, reasonable pipeline configuration, valve plate cooling for one in one out, the lower part of the valve sewage box large volume, convenient cleaning, can effectively prevent large debris blockage.

    The hot air valve produced by our company has hydraulic, electric, no drive three transmission types for users to choose.

    Due to the application of new thermal insulation materials, the size of hot air pipes from different manufacturers is not the same. Please confirm the size of French connection when setting the value.

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  • DN50-DN2000
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