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Forged fixed ball valve

  • Size:NPS1/2"~10"
    Material:Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
    End Connection:Flange

  • The low-temperature ball valve is applicable to various pipelines of class150 ~ class1500, pn15 ~ PN100, JIS 10K ~ JIS 20K. It is used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline. Different materials are selected and can be applied to different temperatures and media respectively. The minimum working temperature is - 196 ° C. The low-temperature ball valve is driven by manual, worm gear drive, pneumatic or electric. Low temperature ball valves are generally flanged or welded.

    Product range

    Low temperature ball valves are divided into low-temperature floating ball valves and low-temperature fixed ball valves. Refer to the data of floating ball valves and fixed ball valves for the product range, structural length and connecting flange size. For ball valves with temperature higher than - 50 ° C, the long neck structure design is generally not adopted. For ball valves with temperature lower than - 50 ° C, the neck length t is generally 250mm, or it is determined according to the design and calculation of our company.

    Selection of materials

    General steel will appear low-temperature brittleness at low temperature, so it is a key point for design and manufacturing to select appropriate valve body materials according to the minimum operating temperature of low-temperature ball valves. See the table below for the minimum operating temperature of valve body materials. Low temperature materials need to undergo low-temperature impact test according to the standard requirements to ensure the suitability of materials at low temperatures. Fillers, gaskets, bolts and nuts also need to be made of materials suitable for low temperature conditions.

    Features of structural design and manufacturing

    According to the standard requirements, the ball valve with temperature lower than - 50 ° C is generally designed with long neck structure to improve the temperature of the packing and ensure the reliable sealing of the stem packing. The neck length is generally designed according to the standard requirements. If the user has special requirements, it can also be designed according to the contract requirements.

    For valves used for low-temperature media, when the valve is in the closed position, the low-temperature liquid media remaining in the middle chamber of the valve will expand rapidly due to gasification when the temperature rises, resulting in abnormal pressure rise in the middle chamber of the valve and serious accidents such as valve rupture. Jinhuili ball valve has the function of automatic pressure relief in the middle chamber. In case of abnormal pressure rise in the middle chamber, the medium in the middle chamber can automatically relieve pressure by pushing the valve seat with its own force, thus ensuring the safety of the valve.

    According to the contract requirements, low-temperature test can be conducted to check the operating torque, sealing performance and other indicators of the valve at low temperature.

    The parts of the valve are treated at low temperature to ensure the stability of the shape and size of the parts at low temperature.