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HG series double acting pneumatic actuators

  • Model:Double acting HG-P-DA type
    Specification:HG0、HG1、HG2、 HG3、HG4、HG5、HG7、HG8,Corner: 90°、Custom
    Structure:Pull fork drive
    Cylinder body material:Steel or gray cast iron、End cover material:Steel or gray cast iron
    Sealing material:Nitrile butyl rubber (standard)、Silicone rubber (low temperature)、Fluorine rubber (high temperature)、Custom
    Max Supply Pressure:10 bar
    Work way:Double-acting
    Control mode:Two position cut off (switch type)、Adjustable
    Attachment to choose:Solenoid valve、locator、Limit switch、Air source handling triplet、Hand operated device、Other

  • Modular design:

    HG series actuators are equipped with pneumatic power, hydraulic power, spring power, manual control and other functional modules. All functional modules can be combined and replaced with each other. Users can choose various modules according to the functional needs of the valve process control process. Modules can also be purchased separately, reducing the inventory of spare parts.


    HG SERIES PRELOADED EXPLOSIVE MODULES ADOPT THE LATEST MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, THE SPRING IS PREINSTALLED IN THE SPRING MODULE, ELIMINATE THE accidental release of the ELASTIC force, remove the potential danger, prevent misoperation, easy to DISassemble and install.


    HG series actuators integrate and optimize the position of the center of gravity, and the product appearance is more reasonable and lightweight. Compared with other actuators of the same torque, the mass is much lighter and requires less installation space.

    Waterproof protection:

    In line with IP66 and IP67 protection standards, the connection of each part is equipped with O-ring. It can effectively prevent moisture from entering into the shell, and the user can choose according to the needs of the occasion after short-term or long-term immersion.

    Wear resistance and lubrication:

    Sliding friction parts of the piston rod and the piston have self-lubricating bearing, the piston rod surface by fine grinding and polishing, hard chromium electroplating cylinder wall by coated with teflon coating or plating hard chromium polishing technology, excellent lubrication performance, make the output energy directly to the valve as far as possible, to reduce friction, effectively enhance the use efficiency of spring.

    Corrosion resistance:

    Internal protection and external paint for HG series actuators. Reliable application in a variety of environments, in line with the relevant national standards.


    The interface size of the top drive shaft of all HG-series models is the same, in line with the NAMUR standard, easy to install the position switch, positioner and other accessories of the standard installation method.

    Valve installation:

    HG series actuator and valve mounting, flange and shaft key connection, dimensions to the torque range specified in ISO521 1 standard.