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A- Series pneumatic actuators

  • Model:Double acting DR、Single acting SC type
    Specification:DR/SC0015-5000,Corner: 90°、120°、180°、Custom
    Structure:Double piston rack and pinion drive
    Cylinder body material:Aluminium alloy (surface anodized)、End cover material:Die cast aluminum alloy (spray paint)
    Sealing material:Nitrile butyl rubber (standard)、Silicone rubber (low temperature)、Fluorine rubber (high temperature)、Custom
    Max Supply Pressure:10 bar
    Work way:Double-acting、Single action (spring return)
    Control mode:Two position cut off (switch type)、Adjustable
    Attachment to choose:Solenoid valve、Locator、Limit switch、Air source handling triplet、Hand operated device、Other

  • DR/SC new rack and pinion pneumatic actuator is a British company using the world's latest technology, through CAD 3D model innovation and optimization design, beautiful compact, modern shape: and the use of utility materials, new technology, make the product quality, performance is more reliable; Multi-specification selection is more economical and practical; Products fully comply with the latest international standards and technical specifications, to meet the present and future needs.

    1,Pinion and rack double piston symmetrical structure design, fast and stable action, high precision, large output power, through a simple change of piston assembly position can be obtained in the opposite direction of rotation.

    2, Extruded high quality aluminum alloy cylinder block, the precision machining of the inner hole and the external surface of the hard anodizing (anodizing + Teflon coating in special cases), longer service life, low friction coefficient.

    3, Integrated design, all double action and single action actuator sizes, have the same cylinder block and end cover, it is very convenient to change the mode of action by adding spring or removing spring.

    4,The combined preloading safety spring group, whether in the assembly process or in the use of the site, can be convenient and safe installation or increase or decrease the number of springs.

    5, Two separate adjustment screws on the external side are more accurate and convenient for the actuator installed on the valve. The opening and closing positions of the valve are adjusted. If the full stroke adjustment is needed, the longer adjustment screws are configured at the two end covers.

    6, Multi-function position indicator, field visual indication, in line with VDI/VDE845, NAMUR standard slot, can be installed and output all accessories, such as limit switch box, electrical locator, position sensor (double plus Fu, Turk).

    7,Air source interface in line with NUMAR standards, can be directly installed NUMAR standard solenoid valve.

    8,The composite bearing bush on the back of the rack and piston guide ring as well as the bearing of the output shaft to prevent metal-to-metal friction, and low friction, long life.

    9, All fasteners are made of stainless steel for long-term corrosion resistance.

    10, The connection part conforms to the new international standard specification IS05211, DIN8337 (F03 F25), which makes the product installation interchangeable and universal.