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Explosion-proof electric actuator series

  • Model number:BYS—EX05/08
    Protection class:IP67
    Pressure rating:500VAC/1 min 1500VAc/1 min
    Cylinder material:Steel and aluminum precision die cast iron
    Temperature:-25℃ - 60℃
    Rated current:3.8A 2A 0.21A

  • Product overview

    BYS explosion-proof series electric actuator is used to control 0°~360° rotating valves and other similar products, such as butterfly valve, ball valve, damper valve, stopper valve, plug valve, shutter valve, etc., can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, shipbuilding, papermaking, power station, heating and heating, building automation, light industry and other industries. It uses 380V/220V/110V AC power supply as the driving power supply, with 4-20mA current signal or 0-10VDC voltage signal as the control signal, can make the valve movement to the required position, realize its automatic control, the maximum output torque up to 80N.m

    Performance characteristics

    Shell: The shell is made of hard aluminum alloy, anodized and coated with polyester powder, with strong corrosion resistance and protection grade of IP67.

    Motor: Fully enclosed squirrel cage motor, small size, large torque, small inertia force. The insulation grade is F, which can prevent overheating from damaging the motor.

    Manual structure: Handle design to ensure safe, reliable, labor saving, small size. When no power is on, turn the handle for manual operation. When no manual operation is required, the wrench is placed in the lever for easy use.

    Indicator: The indicator is mounted on the center shaft to observe the valve position. The convex lens design, no water, more convenient observation. Seal: Good sealing, the standard product protection grade is lP67

    Limit switch: mechanical, electronic double limit. Mechanical limit screw adjustable, safe and reliable; Electronic limit switch by CAM mechanism to control, simple adjustment machine

    The construction can set the position accurately and conveniently, and is not affected by excessive hand wheel.

    Self-locking: precision worm gear and worm mechanism can efficiently transmit large torque, high efficiency, low noise (maximum 50 dB), long life; With self-locking function to prevent reversal, the transmission part is stable and reliable, no need to refuel.

    Anti-stripping bolt: When removing the shell, the pouch bolt is attached to the shell and will not fall off.

    Installation: The bottom installation size is in line with IS05211/DIN3337 international standard, double boxy holes for linear or 45° Angle installation of square rod valve, strong adaptability. It can be installed vertically or horizontally.

    Circuit: The control circuit conforms to the standard of single-phase or three-phase power supply, the circuit layout is compact and reasonable, and the wiring terminals can effectively meet the requirements of various additional functions.