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Jiangsu Suyan Valve Machinery Co., Ltd



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Jiangsu Suyan Valve Machinery Co., Ltd., acting as a technical enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and management, founded in February 1991, has established independently complete industrial chains involving casting process evaluation, forging process evaluation, heat treatment process evaluation, welding process evaluation,  as well as the casting of valve body, forging of valve body & key components and integral production of valves after growing up from small and weak to big and powerful scale; its present real capital reaches RMB217 million with an overall assets of RMB364 million, a floorage of over 37.25 hectares and construction area of 144,000sq.m; it has a staff of 1100 with complete qualification including 224 employees above the college educational level and 180 engineering technicians; and owns more than 520 sets of production equipments consisting of casting complete set, forging complete set, fastener complete set, CNC processing center, CNC lathe, large vertical lathe(digital), common lathe, plasma surfacing welder, besides, CIMS system and Valve CAD design center, and advanced complete sets of measurement and testing equipments for chemical analysis, mechanical properties, UT, RT, PT, MT and etc., its operation covers all general-purpose machineries majoring in oilfield valves, throttle & wellhead assembly, wellhead device and Christmas trees equipments, water treatment equipments, flange, filter, elbow, castings, forgings, forging pipefitting, marine valve and so on in accordance with the advanced standards like GB, API, BS and etc., the products spread over all upstream companies and long-distance pipeline project of PetroChina, oilfield enterprises of Sinopec, Sinochem, and the fields of chemicals, power supply, urban building, water conservancy. Inheriting the experiences of sophisticated industrial valves manufacturing and absorbing domestic & international advanced technologies, it makes a technical research and exchange in many channels,has
formed a product structure majoring in plate gate valve, ball valve, high-pressure water/gas injection valve, special material valve through nearly two decades of development and innovation to provide whole-directional industrial valve integral solution. By introducing new valve manufacturing and management concepts, i.e., high flexibility, complexity, lean of processes, networking, informatization and intellectualization of manufacturing & management processes. It consists of two sections of production devices (hardware facilities) and supporting management software. It establishes valve body casting streamline, valve forging streamline, valve processing streamline, coating production line, assembly production line, fastener production line, automatic 3D warehouse and so on. It is a intelligent and networking valve plant, all businesses comprising sales (pre-sale and post-sale services), production, technology, finance, human resources has fulfilled networking, informatization and intellec-tualization management. Suyan Valve makes you touch world top manufacturing technology nearby to share new century technology.  

The company lays a heavy stress on technical innovation, establishes a city-level enterprise technical center containing a staff of 31 including 23 research & development personnel with high & middle titles under the responsible of chief engineer, technically supported by Hefei General Mechanical Research Institute and Daqing Institute of Application Techniques. It has developed 17 kinds of new products, involving multifunctional intelligent filter valve, parallel hinge dual-disc gate valve, cam type non-wearing ball valve, alignment gate valve, pigging valve and etc. with 14 national patents. In recent years, the company undertook three R&D trial projects of new valves including ZF44XY Type parallel hinge double-disc gate valve provided in national torch program and spark program, it was awarded as 4 titles of Jiangsu High-tech Product, 1 golden award of China International Patent and Brand Fair, 1 silver prize of International Invention Fair (multifunctional intelligent filter valve); 1 title of Jiangsu Patented New Production of Middle & Small Enterprise (TWQ47H Cam Type Non-wearing Hard-seal Ball Valve); 2 title of Yancheng City Technical Progress Prize (TWQ47H Cam Type Non-wearing Hard-seal Ball Valve, ZF44XY Type parallel hinge double-disc gate). 

As a national high-tech enterprise, besides, Jiangsu Technology Middle & Small Enterprise, Jiangsu Spark Program Leading Enterprise, the company has effectively established ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system and ISO18000 occupational health & safety management system; has gained the certifications of API6D, API6A, API16C, API6FA fire-resistant test, PED, ADWO Materials; gets the manufacturing license A1, A2
of special equipments A, moreover, the element assembly devices gained national Class A manufacturing license of special equipment, while flange, filter, forging pipefitting, forged stock, fastener national Class B manufacturing license of special equipments, valve castings is the first in Jiangsu to obtain a national Class B1, B2 manufacturing license; the credit grade is awarded as Grade AAA, Suyan Brand is prized as China Famous Brand, its trademark is a Jiangsu Well-known One. With a decade the enterprise has been Yancheng Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise and the member unit of Enterprise Credit Management Association; confirmed by Jiangsu Measurement Guarantee; the valves gained Quality Credit Product issued by Jiangsu Quality & Technical Supervision Bureau for 8 successive years.

Based on the tenets of relying on continuous technical innovation, providing excellent products to the society, technology-based perfection and quality-built Suyan, the company is meticulously constructing a valve manufacturing flattop to meet the customer's requirements; persistently building a national famous brand in valve industry targeting at creating a national brand.

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