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Top-loading cryogenic ball valves



Video introduction

Cryogenic Globe Valve is an indispensable spare part of Cryogenic Valve used in Cryogenic or Super Cryogenic medium transmission pipeline. Its function is to connect or cut off pipeline medium. Simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, when the valve is opened and closed, the valve stem moves in a straight line along the axis, and there is almost no mutual friction between the sealing surfaces. Besides, the opening and closing stroke is short, which can meet the long time working capacity under the ambient temp. at - 29 ℃~- 196 ℃.

Main Feature: 
1.The valve disc is guided in the full range of its travel, which can meet the valve sealing under different installation directions (inclined installation or horizontal installation).

2.The valve Bonnet shall be extended and the drip plate shall be welded according to Shell's Specification for Valves in Cryogenic Medium, to make sure the packing is always at a temperature above zero under different Cryogenic Status, and also the valve stem won’t be damaged when moving at the packing.

3.The diameter space between the valve stem and the extended bonnet is small, reducing heat transfer loss.

4.The upper seal is placed on the top of the extended bonnet to ensure that the upper sealing surface will not be damaged under Cryogenic Status. At the same time, the valve stem guide sleeve is set at the bottom of the extended valve cover to make the valve stem move steadily up and down.
5.The valve stem has been Harden Treatment, and the roughness Ru of the surface contacting with the packing is less than 0.4μm.
6.Austenitic stainless steel is used for Cryogenic Valves at - 100 ℃. The valve body, bonnet, disc, valve seat, valve stem and other parts shall be subjected to Cryogenic treatment at least twice before finishing.
7.The sealing surfaces of the valve disc and valve seat are STL hardfacing and the thickness of the hardfacing layer is greater than 1.6 mm after machining. The surfacing would do Cryogenic Treatment when the required service temp. is lower than - 100 ℃.
Property Requirements:
Nominal Diameter:DN15~DN600/NPS1/2~NPS24
Nominal Pressure:PN16~PN100/Class150~Class600
Body Material: CS/3.5% Nickel Steel/Alloy Steel/Austenitic Stainless Steel
Applied Temp.:-29℃~-196℃
 Applied Service:LNG, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Ammonia.
Operator: Handwheel, Gearbox, Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator. 
Design & Manufacture:GB/T12235  GB/T 24925  API 623  ASME B16.34  MESC SPE77/200
Flange Dimension:JB/T 79/ GB/T 9113/HG/T 20592/ASME B16.5
Face to Face Dimension:GB/T 12221/ASME B16.10
Test & Inspection:GB/T 26480/API 598/ GB/T 24925/BS6364


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