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ZPL500 series fluorine lined Bellow Regulating Valve



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ZPL500 series fluorine lined Bellow Regulating Valve(invention patent No. ZL201610765034.9) of Zhipeng Valve Group is designed and produced according to the standard Q/WZP01-2014.The product has the advantages of good sealing performance, sensitive action, parallel streamline fluid channel, small pressure drop loss, large valve chamber capacity, accurate flow characteristics, etc.

The valve is composed of actuator and anti-corrosion, straight through low flow resistance, corrugated pipe single seat valve. The pneumatic multi spring membrane actuator and positioner can realize the automatic regulation and control of the fluid medium in the process pipeline. It is widely applicable to the control of acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosive media and toxic, volatile, permeable and other gas liquid media.
 Main Technical Feature

1. The valve inner wall and the components are made of high temperature molded fluoroplastic lining process, which can completely cut off the contact between corrosive media and the valve body shell.

2. Double sealing structure of bellows and packing is adopted to ensure no external leakage and good sealing performance.

3. The Bellow is made of Material of Daikin TFM1600, with large tensile elastic range and strong corrosion resistance.

4. The valve disc is designed with a multi hole reinforced structure, which makes the fluorine material and metal fit more closely, and the sealing effect between the valve disc and the valve seat is more reliable.

5. The Valve Bottom can be disassembled for easy maintenance, and crystal and sundries can be removed.

6. The valve is equipped with different accessories, which can be converted into different products, so that one valve can be used for multiple purposes.

① The Valve Bottom is equipped with online belt purging function to prevent product crystallization.

② Online sampling can be realized by installing sampling valve.

③ A connecting flange with a sealing seat is added to realize the function of three-way regulating valve.

ZPL500 series fluorine lined Bellow Regulating Valve has obtained:

2018 Longwan District Science and Technology Plan Major Special Projects and Appraisal Acceptance (Certificate No.: 2018G07Z).

In 2019, the first set project of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology was reviewed.

In 2019, Zhejiang Province's industrial new product appraisal was at the leading domestic technical level (Certificate No.: 20192747).

In 2020, the review and acceptance of Wenzhou Excellent Invention Patent Industrialization Project will be carried out.
Main Technical Parameter
Nominal Diameter
Nominal Pressure
Sealing Type
Flange Dimension
Lined Material

Spark testing standard of lining layer:
Flow characteristics:
 Approximate equal percentage
Action Mode:
Air to open (K), air to close (B), position keeping (L)
Leakage Class
Class Vi
Working Temp.


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