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Segment ball valve



Video introduction

  Segment ball valve is composed of pneumatic piston actuator, electric actuator, and V-shaped ball valve. Its structure is compact, light in weight, small in size, and easy to install and maintain. Smooth flow channel and low flow resistance; Good sealing performance and low leakage; The flow rate can be adjusted to a large ratio. Suitable for controlling media with high viscosity, fibrous properties, and solid particles. Widely used in industries such as power, chemical, paper, and light industry.

Ouming Segment ball valve  abandons the eccentric structure of market products and adopts a non eccentric design. The center of the ball and the flow channel of the valve body are designed with no eccentricity, which can effectively prevent the medium from getting between the sealing surfaces during the valve opening and closing process. In the 30o-0o range at the end of the ball's closing stroke, the V-shaped cutting edge of the ball and the metal hard sealing valve seat form a cutting edge effect, which can effectively cut off various impurities (such as cloth, wood slag, wires, iron wires, etc.) or pulp fibers mixed in the medium, preventing them from getting caught in the sealing surface and causing valve failure.

Due to the flow characteristics formed by the opening angle between the valve seat and the V-shaped port, which have equal percentage characteristics, the improved non eccentric design makes the flow characteristics more accurate and can be well used for flow regulation conditions. Equipped with electric, pneumatic and other automatic control actuators, high-quality flow regulating valves are used.

Metal hard sealed V-shaped ball valves are suitable for a wider temperature range and a wider range of media. To ensure the reliability of the packing seal, the packing culvert adopts a maintainable packing gland design; At the same time, in order to adapt to different actuators, the high platform structure of the valve body is adjusted to a bracket structure with an ISO platform. During system operation, it is possible to detect and adjust the valve stem packing seal, making it more convenient to add or replace packing during system maintenance, while also meeting the demand for low dissipation and micro leakage.


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