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Inverted Bucket Trap



Video introduction

The inverted bucket trap provided by VMV Newton Is known for its safety, reliability, energy saving,with strength of long life and low temperature resistance.

working principle

The inverted bucket steam trap relies on the density difference between steam and condensate to work. When the bucket is full of condensed water and non-condensate gas, the vent on the upper part of the bucket removes the non-condensate gas. The bucket loses buoyancy and drives the valve core to move down. The trap opens to drain. When steam enters the bucket after draining, the bucket floats and drives the valve and the core closes the trap. Inverted bucket traps have 90% back pressure rate or more.

Structural features
Body: “U”shaped flow channel design ensures that the inside of the valve body is in a water-sealed state,with no original steam leakage. High Corrosion Resistance,Adopting WCB material,full consideration of corrosion allowance,minimum shell wall thickness,pressure and temperature rating.

SOFT Closing System: High-precision line-sealed SOFT closing system is adopted, which is tightly closed and has a long service life.

Stainless Steel Bucket Exhaust Structure:  There are small holes in the upper part of the bucket to remove air and other non-condensate gases to prevent steam lock

Built-in Filtering Device:Effectively prevent pipeline impurities from entering the valve to ensure the proper operation of the trap. 

Built-in Check Valve: Prevent water hammer from damaging internal parts and also apply to super heated steam environment.

Inverted bucket Steam traps are widely used in steam pipelines, small heat ex-charger,process heat tracing, jacket heating kettles, re-boilers and other equipment.  

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