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Ball float -controlled steam trap



Video introduction

VMV Newton specially designs the ball float proportional adjustment trap suitable for intermittent working equipment such as extraction, single-effect or multi-effect concentration. Its characteristics are high back pressure, good exhaust air performance, fast heating of the equipment, The valve opening is proportional to the amount of condensate produced by the steam equipment

Relying on the density difference between steam and condensed water, when the valve body is full of condensed water and non-condensate gas, the exhaust valve opens to remove non-condensate gas, the floating ball moves upward to drive the valve core to rotate, the flow rate of the valve seat hole increases, and the condensed water is discharged The rear floating ball drives the valve core to rotate, and the flow rate of the valve seat hole decreases.
Structural features

Body:High Corrosion Resistance,Adopting WCB and Stainless Steel materials,full consideration of corrosion allowance,minimum shell wall thickness,pressure and temperature rating.

SEAT:VMV original proportional regulating trap and a patented controller can adjust the flow rate of the valve seat hole according to the ratio of the displacement. It is suitable for equipment and engineering projects of any displacement, free of maintenance for life, and long service life. Micron-level high-precision valve seat and valve core to ensure reliable and tight rotation

Stainless Steel Float: The flawless laser-welded floating ball ensures the long working life
of the steam trap

Built-in Filtering Device: Effectively prevent pipeline impurities from entering the valve to ensure the proper operation of the trap.

Unique Exhaust Valve: The unique air exhaust valve prevents the trap from being blocked by non-condensate gases such as air during initial or normal operation.

The drain port is reserved for regular discharge of impurities in the valve, which well guarantees the normal operation of the trap and at the same time protects the internal parts of the valve.

Ball Float-controed are widely used in steam pipelines,heat ex-charger,process heat tracing, jacket heating kettles, re-boilers ,Single-effect and multi-effect concentration equipment.

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