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Thermodynamic Steam Trap



Video introduction

Thermodynamic Steam Trap have small size, large displacement, energy saving, long life,and low temperature resistance. According to Bernoullia's equation, after repeated calculations and a large number of experiments, it is finally determined that each product can provide low temperature type and saturated type. Back pressure rate is as high as 80%.

working principle
Relying on the flow rates difference between steam and condensed, when the condensed water passes through the valve seat, the flow rate is small, and the valve plate moves up under the inlet pressure to remove the condensed water; when steam enters the valve seat, the lower end of the valve plate has a higher flow rate and the upper end The flow rate is almost zero. According to Bernoulli’s equation, a low pressure zone appears at the lower end of the valve plate. The pressure at the upper end of the valve plate is greater than that at the lower end, and the valve seat is closed; when the pressure in the variable pressure chamber decreases due to the steam cooling pressure, the inlet pressure pushes the valve plate upward to open the steam trap

The low-temperature disc trap uses flash steam to close the valve seat, which can remove the condensed water with a high degree of subcooling, that is low-temperature water.
Structural features

Body: Using Carbon steel and stainless steel material,the corrosion allowance,minimum shell wall thickness,pressure and temperature grade are fully considered in the design.

Unique Valve Seat And Valve Disc: The valve seat and valve plate are made of
martensitic stainless steel. The unique heat treatment can provide low temperature(less flash steam) and saturated condensate removal solutions according to different working conditions
Stainless steel insulation cover: Stainless steel insulation cover ensures that the internal transformer chamber will not be affected by the outdoor environment to eliminate the number of runaways and movement developments and extending the service life of the valve.

Built-in Filtering Device. Effectively prevent pipeline impurities from entering the valve, ensure the normal operation of the trap.

Thermodynamic traps are widely used in low, medium and high pressure steam delivery pipes, process heat tracing, and small displacement equipment.

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