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Thermostatic Bimetallic Steam Trap



Video introduction

Thermostatic (bimetallic) Steam Trap are characterized by large subcooling, long life, good energy-saving effect,water hammer resistance, body and bonnet are made of A105, and the condensate discharge temperature can be adjusted. It has been adjusted to 120-130℃ when leaving the workshop,and adopts a line-sealed shut-off

system without original steam leakage and noise, good air discharge ability, fully utilizes the sensible heat of condensate water, and has a good energy-saving effect.

Relying on the temperature difference between steam and condensed water, when the condensed water in the pipeline stays in the pipeline due to excessively high temperature, the deformation of the bimetallic decreases when the temperature of the energy to be released decreases, and the valve seat opens to discharge the condensed water. When the low-temperature condensate is discharged, the high-temperature condensate enters the trap, which will increase the deformation of the bimetallic strip and push the valve core to close the trap. The user can adjust the discharge temperature of the trap at any time according to seasonal changes

Structural features
Body: Using Carbon steel and stainless steel material,the corrosion allowance,minimum shell wall thickness,pressure and temperature grade are fully considered in the design.
Imported Bimetallic: imported bimetallic sheet to ensure specific bending value,adjustable temperature structure,precise temperature control.
Linear Sealing Closure System:Unique linear sealing closing system and micron-level high-precision valve seat and valve core ensure reliable closing and without steam leakage.
Built-in Filtering Device. Effectively prevent pipeline impurities from entering the valve, ensure the normal operation of the trap.
Thermostatic bimetallic traps are widely used in various heat tracing and steam transportation pipelines

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