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Fluorine lined wafer butterfly valve



Video introduction

Our company's fluorine lined wafer butterfly valve is designed, produced, inspected according to GB/T26144 and API 609.

It is suitable for -29°C to 180°C, the applied service strong acid and base, which determined by the highest temp. of it’s lining material;

It’s used as a closing device in the pipeline system, and can ensure good sealing performance under working pressure.

There are two end connection of our lined butterfly valve as Wafer and Flanged.
The body material is Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Lining Butterfly Valve.

Lining material including PTFE. FEP. PFA etc
It’s Valve Operator is Manual, Electric And Pneumatic, etc.

Main Structure and Working Principle

The lining butterfly valve is concentric butterfly valve, the whole disc and the seat are concentric in a 360 degree circle, have performance of bi-directional sealing, having good sealing and zero leakage. It’s  stem and the disc are integrated, the disc rotates 90 degrees to realize the valve opening and closing process.

The butterfly valve install between 2 pipe flanges, the bolts of the two counter flanges bear all the stress caused by the tension of the pipe and wafer body to be compressed. The tension stress generated by the pressure of the internal medium eases this compression stress. Reduce the stress and deformation of the valve body can improve the sealing performance.

The butterfly valve adopts the double sealing structure, can withstand the corrosion of the medium of the corresponding lining material; and also good sealing performance for special rubber lined at the sealing surface. 

The shaft end and the circumferential connection of the disc are sealed with grooves and special rubber rings to prevent the leakage of the medium and achieve zero leakage.

Storage、Install、Use and Maintain

a、The disc should be in micro-opening state and put in the ventilated and dry warehouse if the valve not use.
Storage away from sun, pile and open storage is prohibited strictly. Both ends of the valve should be sealed with a cover to prevent dust and impurities from entering the valve inner.

b、The mark and certificate of valve should be check carefully whether meet use requirement before installed. After confirmation, the valve can install. 
During the installation process, it’s not allowed to damage the fluorine sealing surface at both ends. When the lining valve is connected with the lining pipe, the gasket is not added generally. If it’s connected with the pipe fitting of metal materials, the appropriate gasket shall be used.

c、It should be observed at any time. If the fault is found, it should be stopped immediately, and the cause should be identified and eliminated in use.

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