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Fluorine Lined Regulating Valve



Video introduction

The fluorine lined regulating valve  is mainly pneumatic film through single seat regulating valve, which design, produce, inspect and test according to GB/T4213 and HG/T 3704,it’s suitable for acid, alkali and salt corrosive media with temperature ranging from -29°C to 180°C, it’s determined by the highest use temperature of its lining material.

It’s mainly used to control the flow control of pipeline system, which has the advantages of reliable sealing, sensitive action, good straightness of flow control, large adjustable ratio and so on. The products are used in many fields of new energy, petroleum, dyeing chemical, dyeing, pesticide, acid and alkali making and so on widely.

Main structure and working principle

Pneumatic film through single seat regulator is a pneumatic film head driven control valve, with computer processing system (CTPEM) and positioner used, can achieve accurate ratio adjustment, remote control and automatic control.

Single seat valve disc design into a special shape, with a good flow regulation curve, positioner by accepting the input signal, give the corresponding feedback opening, through the appropriate opening to adjust the flow. When the pressure changes, the opening can be adjusted in real time to stabilize the flow rate.

Valve lining using imported fluorine material, with better corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

The metal valve body is equipped with dovetail groove structure to prevent liner from falling off the risk under negative pressure conditions.

Disc and stem with integrated design, body and stem surface is provided with dovetail groove and through hole, can make fluorine material firmly combined with metal parts, when abnormal pressure boost valve chamber, stem will not fly out.

The packing adopts V-shaped design, which has the advantages of large sealing stretch elasticity and light torque. Through the locking force of the packing gland, good sealing effect can be easily obtained and the leakage of the medium from the stem position can be effectively eliminated.

The seat positive cone sealing surface, design of seal auxiliary structure, more reliable sealing, the opening and closing force is small, and the regulating flow is more smooth and stable

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